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Shaving Cream or Soap

Cosmetic products are always chosen by one with utmost care. Everyone wants to look good and use the best product for themselves. So many items in the market and the inviting advertisements make it difficult to decide and sometimes we also end up making wrong decisions. It is important to thoroughly understand the pros and cons of the products we are using before we go for it.

One of the most difficult choices for men to make is to decide whether to use the new generation shaving cream or to go for the traditional shaving soap. Let us now weigh both the options and find out which is better, which is more comfortable to use and which will suit you.

Shaving Cream vs Soap

What is it?

Shaving soaps are a mixture of chemicals and natural products that is used to soften your hair during a shave and helps to keep your skin safe from the blade/razor. They are used for ages now and are quite reliable. If you ask your grandfather what accessories he was using for shaving when he was a teenager he will answer that he was using soap. It is used mostly with straight razors.

Despite that nowadays market is full of synthetic soaps you can still find great products made of natural materials. On our opinion this is the main reason to go with soap. If you have skin irritation after shaving the reason is not always the “tool” you use for shaving. Very often irritation may appear because your skin doesn’t like the foam or cream you use. It is a good idea to try natural soap instead. Who knows, maybe this minor change will help you to get rid of the irritation.

Shaving cream is the new generation thing. Mostly it’s a mixture of chemicals. They are available in a range of variety starting from creams for different skin types to creams with different scents. They come in liquid form and in a compact tube.

Though most of the offers on Amazon contain a lot of synthetic chemicals, you can still find a cream made of natural ingredients. It’s difficult but it’s possible. This variant is worth trying if you have skin irritation. Chemicals used for producing foams may cause irritation and if you exchange your foam with natural cream this may help to get rid of the problem.

Comfort While Using

Let’s compare how easy it’s to use both products. Shaving soaps are tough to use. One has to mix the water in the correct ratio for the soap to lather. If it’s too much water you will get no result. The shaving has to be quick after applying the lather as the soap turns sticky on usage of razor. With practice you will surely find it easy to get the lather right. After the shaving is finished you need to clean the remaining soap and put it soap-dish. It will take time for the soap to become dry. Some people don’t like this process.

The usage of shaving cream is much easier. Just squeeze the cream from the tube into a bowl and churn it till you get lather with your hand or brush, apply it on your face. Make sure you take the right amount of cream to apply, as if you apply less cream it dries off fast making the shaving a difficult experience.

Another comfort is that only the required amount of cream can be taken from the tube. If you need more you can always take more. Whereas in soap, the whole soap gets wet and it takes time for it to become dry.


Shaving soaps require a lot of practice to attain perfection in the art of using it. It also requires a brush without which usage becomes very difficult or even impossible. You must use a special moisturizer or gel after shaving is finished to keep the skin soft and healthy because they generally do not moisturize. However, there are modifications on the market which do contain moisturizer.

On the other hand shaving cream is very easy to use and don’t require any brush to lather it. Nowadays they come with two in one benefits. The cream itself and the moisturizer. It not only saves your time but also takes care to the skin.


Soaps are not the best pick for travel. Unless it is dry after usage and packed properly, there may be a lot of leaks in the bag and your clothes and other things can get clumsy. Moreover, soaps usually take long time to dry.

On the other side, the cream provides you with the luxury to travel light and neat. It just fits into the smallest place and the air tight cap of the tube keeps the cream intact. You can be 100% sure that nothing will happen with it.


If you compare prices you will find out that both products have similar cost. Both products have cheaper and more expensive options. It’s up to you which variant to buy – cheap or more expensive. We recommend to try and make a decision. If there is no big difference in cost then the price is not the factor that should affect your choice.


Shaving soaps are mildly scented and the smell doesn’t last for long. For some people this is a plus, for some – a minus. If you use natural product the smell is not strong and doesn’t last for long. This is great for those who use perfume after shaving and don’t like to mix fragrance of perfume with other smells.

Shaving creams on the other hand has strong smell that last longer. There are various types of scents that shaving cream has and the customer has the choice to choose the best one for them.

Long life

Soaps definitely have a longer and can be used for months. You just add some water and lather it a little. A normal piece will serve you for many shaving sessions. Shaving cream finishes of quicker. The tubes are usually not so large and you will have to buy new pretty often.


One of the major factors to consider before making a choice is the reaction of your skin. If you have skin irritation and you don't know why we recommend to try both products. Some people suffer just because they use soap, others because of cream. It’s a good idea to test both. It’s also recommended to use only natural products. They are usually much softer and don’t cause irritation.

Having brought the main factors to notice and giving light on all the plus and minus of each product, it is you who has to make your choices based on your wish and requirement. Always remember you know what is best for you and your skin. Ultimately your goal should be to keep you skin healthy and happy and to make shaving process comfortable.