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Norton Waterstone 4000/8000 is one of the best hones for your straight razor. This guide will explain how to prepare and use it for your sharpening routine. [..]
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Razor blades are made of two types of steel: stainless and carbon. Find out which one is more preferable for daily close shave. [..]
Selecting your first straight razor may be a very difficult task, especially if you don’t know what characteristics are important. This guide will tell you the information you need to keep in mind. [..]
It may be difficult to select a good straight razor if you have never used it before. This comparison tool will help you to do it faster. We have added the most popular options to make selection process… [..]
Stropping is a very important procedure for maintaining sharpness of the blade. Find out how to do it properly, how often you should do it and other secrets. [..]
It’s essential to know how to stop shaving cuts bleeding. You may use cold water, alum blocks or powders, aspirin powders, alcohol and other stuff for this. [..]
Find out what Shave Ready Razor means, why buying such is not the best decision and why you shouldn’t be afraid to hone it yourself. All details revealed. [..]
Many men want to give up their cartridge device but afraid because they don’t know how to shave with straight razor. Read this guide to find out all the tips and secrets of proper cut throat blade shaving. [..]
Most people are scared to give up cartridge razors because they don’t know how to use safety razor. Read this article to understand secrets of using double edged blade. [..]
Many people ask what is better shaving cream or soap? Read this article to find out pros and cons of using each product. [..]
What is better Straight Blade or Safety Razor? Read this comparison to find out pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of using both options. [..]
Shaving with straight “cut throat” razor has a lot of advantages. You will pay less for shaving, you will feel like a real brutal man. Read this article for more information. [..]
Straight Razor Maintenance is essential if you wish the blade to live long. You have to strop it before shaving and hone every 3 months. Find out more about this here. [..]