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Advantages of Straight Razor Shaving

It looks like you wish to try cut throat razor but you are not sure if it’s worth it. I understand why you are thinking about this. I was also thinking a lot before making the decision of changing my shaving ritual. Mastering brutal razor will take time and money investments. Nobody wants to waste money for nothing. There must be a good reason for a man to give up his Gillette and master new shaving style.

This article will explain the most important advantages of shaving with straight razor. Hope it will help you to make final decision.

Money: It’s Cheaper

One of sweet advantages of using so-called cut throat razor is that it saves you money in long term. Did you ever calculate how much you usually spend to keep your face in good shape during the whole year? I believe no. Let’s make some calculations and comparisons. You will be surprised with the result. Let’s take common shaving tools most men use every day.

Total annual spending: $23 for the first month + ($16 * 11 months) = about $199 per year.

Now let’s calculate the same for a top-end straight razor. Keep in mind that most people don’t buy top-end razors in the beginning. They buy an average model which is cheaper.

  • A.P. Donovan - Professional 7/8" straight Razor - sandalwood handle - with strop - $120 Contains all you need to start shaving: razor itself and a strop to maintain sharpness. The razor doesn’t arrive “shave ready” so you will have to sharpen it yourself or to use special service for this. If you decide to use service (which is recommended for the first time) it will cost you about $30.
  • You will also need to sharpen the edge about 2 or 3 times a year. You can do it yourself or use the service again. Of course if you do it yourself you will need honing stone for this. The best stone costs about $90 and it will serve you for ages!

Total annual spending: $120 + $30 = $150 of initial investment! Add $90 if you wish to hone the blade yourself. And zero investment after this!!! You spend about $240 for a top-end razor and it will serve you forever. Who knows, maybe your son will also use it for shaving!

Do you see the difference? You save great amount of money in long term. A razor will be serving you for many years and if you learn how to hone it will require zero investment! Your friends will continue spending about $200 every year while you will spend nothing!

Emotions: Shaving Ritual

One of the best advantages of using straight razor is that shaving becomes ritual. And this ritual is for real men only! It will require concentration and focus. If you don’t concentrate and do it fast the chances you cut yourself are high.

First of all you need to prepare your face, then you need to prepare the razor with stropping, after this you need to get focused and remove all the facial hair without damaging your skin.

Many people say that shaving with a blade allows them to fully wake up and get ready for the day. This ritual gives them extra power and allows to feel better.

Moreover, such shaving awakens your male instincts. You start feeling adrenaline. Your real man’s side awakens. This feeling is very difficult to describe and that’s the reason why all the men who started to shave with cut throat razor never return to their Gillette. There is no other way to get these emotions rather than start shaving like real men.

Respect: You are Brutal!

You know that all your friends are shaving with Gillette… They didn’t grow enough for shaving like real men and you did! You are special because you have mastered the aret of real shaving. You belong to special club of straight razor lovers. You can tell your friends that they shave like suckers and you shave like a man.

Believe me, your friends will start respect you more. They will see more power in you! And you will also discover extra power inside.

Still Thinking?

I recommend to give it a try. In the above calculations I used the price of top-end model but I don’t recommend to purchase such expensive variant if you want just to try. It’s better to buy something inexpensive. Amazon offers a lot of options in between $10 and $40. You can buy inexpensive model first and test it. It will be enough to understand if you really wish to make changes in your daily shaving procedure.

Of course expensive models give much better feelings and you can’t fully rely on the feelings from cheap model. But anyway this may be a good start.