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How To Stop Shaving Cuts Bleeding

Cutting you while shaving with a straight razor may accidentally occur. This may result from the improper holding of the sharp razor or inclining it at a wrong angle, the razor should always be held at a constant angle of 20-30 degrees. This is the angle that is recommended for shaving as it has proven to be the best for chopping off the hair with a lot of ease and comfort. It is very important to note this angle before looking into the ways forward to stop the bleeding.

Shaving Cuts Bleeding

Shaving wounds should be avoided as much as possible as it may result in several drastic outcomes. It is, therefore, essential to discuss some of the causes of such bleeds and the safety measures that you can use to prevent them when shaving.

During shaving, one may cut themselves due to the following avoidable reasons;

  1. Assuming the sharpness of the razor. Before starting to shave, one may think that the razor blade is not sharp making them just to force it into their skin leaving a thin line of blood oozing behind. It is, therefore, advisable that one need to bear in mind that any razor they are about to use is very sharp and need not to be forced over the skin. Shaving should be done carefully and not carelessly forcing the hair off the skin.
  2. The improper inclination of the razor during shaving. It is critical to observe the angle to which the razor should be inclined. During shaving, use the recommended angle to avoid any accidents. Holding the razor at the right angle is very dangerous as any slip will cause the injury, great caution should therefore be taken to ensure the razor is at its right angle throughout the shaving period.
  3. Lack of courage during the saving period is another cause of wounds, one should try as much as they can to overcome fear when they are about to begin shaving. This is a common mistake made mostly by those people who are shaving for their first time.
  4. A disruption during the shaving period such as an abrupt noise or any unexpected bang may also cause your hand to slip and you will end up wounding your skin. Shaving using a razor should therefore be done in a safe and silent place with minimum disruptions. In case of any disruption or any scary event, make sure you carefully withdraw the razor from the skin before reacting to the disruption, it is always an action that is possible depending on one’s degree to respond to changes in the environment.

However, the most common cause of shaving wounds bleeding is the sharpness of the razor. It is also important to discuss some of the dangers of failing to react to the injuries, it is very important treat the bleeding wounds by treating them immediately owing to the following reasons;

  1. They may become the entry for disease-causing bacteria into your body.
  2. They are always very painful and need to be addressed before they develop itching effect which may result in a big wounds as one may scratch them making them to grow.
  3. The bleedings may start as a minor bleeding and later turn out to be a serious one leading to loss of excess blood.

It is very crucial to stress on the measures that you can use to stop these them from bleeding. There are several ways of doing this, they are:

a) Use very cold water or a cube of ice.

This method works from the principle of contraction of the blood vessels on contact with cold. Take a small piece of clothing and dip it in cold water then rub it on the cut area, the blood vessel will contract resulting into relative clotting of the blood hence stopping the bleeds. An ice cube is also very appropriate, just take a block, and rub against the bleeding spot.

b) Use hot water.

Dip a clean cloth into water, remove the excess water that may burn you. Hold the cloth steadfastly on the bleeding area until the bleeding stops. If it doesn’t stop, repeat the procedure until the blood stops coming out. The hot water burns the blood making it to clot and stop.

c) Use the Alum blocks or powders.

There are several powders meant to stop skin injury from bleeding such as the QR powder. These powders are meant to stop bleeding immediately. They can be obtained at any nearby hospital or chemist.

d) Use of aspirin pastes.

Aspirin is a medicine found in most chemists and pharmacies, it can be used in curing pain, fever, and inflammations. Aspirin pastes can also be used in healing injuries that may have occurred during shaving. Mix a glass of water with aspirin and use the cotton wool to wipe it into the part wound. This will definitely stop the bleeding from continuing.

e) Use small sugar granules.

Take the particles of sugar and heap on the damaged area. Sugar will act to dehydrate the blood and stop it immediately. Sugar, however, inflicts much pain when used. It is recommended as it also disinfects the area against any attack by from the bacteria that may find its way there.

f) Use of the waxy oil like materials.

The waxy oil like materials like the Vaseline or even the lip balm can help stop the bleedings by making the blood to clot. Apply the Vaseline on the affected area, this will seal the cut skin and make the blood clot, the same way, the lip balm can be rolled on the affected area making it stop bleeding through clotting of the blood.

g) Holding the Cut area with pressure.

Hold the wound area either using your clean thumb or using a clean cloth with pressure for about one minute. This will stop the bleeding and align the blood to take their normal paths of flow. Just make sure your hands are clean.

h) Use of antiperspirants.

The antiperspirants such as Deodorant contain the aluminum chloride that has the ability to shrink the glands of the skin such as the sweat glands, contract the blood vessels, and cause blood clots. The use of these antiperspirants will definitely help stop the blood clots. This is not the best way but still may be useful.

i) Use astringents.

Astringents such as the mouthwash especially the alcohol will act to interfere with the condition of the tissue and contract it immediately causing the bleeding to stop. Take an astringent and pour it into the cut area.

j) Use of an eye relievers.

The eye drops such as the Visine is another appropriate way of stopping bleeding from skin wounds. Apply Visine on the area. It will stop bleedings by causing the vessels to contract.


Shaving using a razor can turn out to be not as smooth as expected if the cuts are not adequately addressed. Even a small bleeding can turn out to be a very complicated problem and you may develop serious bleedings. Therefore, keenness should be employed when dealing with shaving with a sharp razor blade.